Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Real del Catorce, SLP

The area was populated since 1639 but was burnt down in 1767 by Guachichiles and Chichimecas. It is located at 2,750 meters (8,250 ft) up in the Sierra Madre of the state of San Luis Potosi.

La Purisima Concepcion Church was started in 1793 and finished in 1817, but had to be rebuilt because it burn down when it was opened. It was reopended in 1820. It is built in a neoclassical style with Doria elements. St. Francis of Assisi brings in Huichol Indians for the peyote in October.

Mexican War of Independence (1810-1821)

Silver Discovered: Area flourished from 1779 to 1810.

CUESTA FAMILY (1818-43):
Between 1818 and 1843 fours sons (Lorenzo, Filomeno, Estanislao, and Mateo) of Atanacio Cuesta and Guadalupe Munoz were married in Real del 14, San Luis Potosi.

Catorce Mint: Made coins in 1808, 1811, and then in 1865-66. It was shut down by Maximiliano to prevent the Benito Juarez rebels from taking the mint.

CUESTA FAMILY (1851-77):
At least 17 grandchildren were born to Atanacio and Guadalupe Cuesta between 1851 and 1877 in Real del 14.

Mexican Revolution (1910-1921)
Mining Flourished Again: From 1885-1905 under Porfirio Diaz.

Since then, Real del 14 has almost become a ghost mining town. However, tourism is doing well in Real del 14. There is a train station at the foot of the mountain on the eastern side of the mountain at a community called Catorce.