Monday, December 1, 2008

Heroes de Nochistlan

Monumento a Heroes de Nochistlan, 1864, Zac.

French Intervention in México (1861-1867)

In 1862 the Conservative Party in Mexico tried to institute a monarchy with the help of the French. Maximilian of Habsburg, an Austrian archduke, was brought in. The USA could not enforce the Monroe Doctrine because it was fighting its Civil War. After an initial loss at Puebla (Cinco de Mayo de 1862), the French troops easily took Mexico.

The French under Bazaine occupied Guadalajara on 7 January 1864, and troops under Douay occupied Zacatecas on 6 February. Nochistlan was also invaded leading to more than 35 deaths.

Among the death the following are honored with an obelisk in the main square: Felix Ortiz, Tomas DonLucas, and Porfirio Borroel.

I have relatives with those surnames in those years in Nochistlan.
Homenaje a los Martires de Nochistlan

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